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Model No: JVL-XH5000  



Lifting capacity: 5000kg

1.      Electro-hydraulic operating.

2.      Man standing-by operate with Auxiliary tension 24 Volts.

3. The differential hydraulic system is convenient for balance, and keeps good synchrony.

4. The front turn-plate is adjustable for various car types.

6. Mechanical gear lock keeps safe and credibility.

7. Manual descent valve in case of power failure

8. Using imported screw thread valve, which is safe and credibility.

9. Self-lubricating pins in bronze bushes.

Min height:  350mm

Lifting height: 1700mmmm

Max height: 2150mm

Ascent time: 55sec(adjustment available)

Runway Width 880-1000mm,

Unilateral Runway Width 600mm

Runway Length: 5300mm

Power Supply: 380V/50HZ, 3 phase,3kw



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